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Finding methods to engage our students or our audience can be difficult. Podcasting has been a powerful way in which to inspire learners, as well as make connections with my listeners. I hope that you will consider giving podcasting a chance. You will be amazed at the transformation in unity you will witness.

3 Powerful Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Podcasting

Podcasting is such a powerful medium on which to share your message. So why not put that in the hands of kids? Kids these days are constantly sharing their messages on social media. Yet, our children are feeling heard less and less. Why not give them a platform to speak up and be heard?

I recently started my own podcast, One Tired Teacher. One of the main reasons I started it was to connect with my audience. But I also had a lot to say about teaching and learning. So podcasting has become one of my favorite parts of the week. It gave me a voice and a platform on which to share my thinking.

As I have traveled down the road of preparing and pre-planning to pre-production, production, postproduction, and party- the launch baby; I have learned a lot. One of the things that come to mind often is how much podcasting would have engaged my kiddos in the classroom. So let's talk about why teachers should be podcasting!

3 Powerful Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Podcasting

3 Powerful Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Using Podcasting

1 Give Kids a Voice

Podcasting in the classroom gives kids a voice. Whether they do a weekly or daily share of what they know or they talk about how they are feeling about school and life, podcasting can be the perfect platform to use.

Podcasting is relatively easy to set up (more to come on that aspect) and can be pretty cheap to create and launch. Yes, there are more expensive avenues. But there are also less expensive options. And with a classroom podcast, I wouldn't go crazy. The point is to get the kids talking and listening. It doesn't have to be perfect.

If you want specifics on how to get things up and running, stay tuned. More info will be coming. Don't want to miss anything? Join my email list to stay informed on all things podcasting. (sign up below)

2 Utilizing What They Already Love to Do- Share On Social Media

Kids these days are continually texting, Snap-Chatting, and Instagramming their lives. And other kids are watching and waiting for content to appear! So why not hand them a device (phone, computer, tablet) and let them start talking?

Yes, there is more to just talking. Creating an outline of what you want to say is critical. Researching topics is another crucial aspect. Can you say standards covered?!

I love when kids are learning on accident! That is the real beauty of podcasting. There is a lot of learning that has to happen to get a podcast launched. Each show requires reading and writing, thinking, speaking, and then listening. All of these skills are real-world skills. And we have to teach them. So why not do it in a way that inspires kids?!

3 Motivate and Inspire a Love of Learning

When kids are doing something that they naturally do, like share stories and use technology, learning takes place even if they are unaware that it is happening. I can think of so many reluctant learners from my past 20 years of teaching. I can only imagine what they would do if I gave them a device, a quiet space, and allowed them to speak what they knew or felt. It's a visual image that brings tears to my eyes. And I had one-to-one iPads! Podcasting should have been a no brainer. But I didn't realize the potential. And I knew very little about it. Yes, I had learned about it during my Masters Program in 2010. But it was still relatively new. Oh if I only knew then what I had learned now!

When we utilize tools, like technology or hands-on learning, we inspire and motivate kids to learn and to think. That is when we genuinely hook kids. I really believe that podcasting could be just that hook!

What do you think? Are you willing to give podcasting a try in your classroom? Leave a comment below. And while you are at it, grab this freebie on podcasts for kids. {This list has links to the websites of the podcasts (for those that have one) and is a great place to start on iTunes for examples of format and style.} If you have no idea where to start, check out my blog post Podcasting for Teachers: Where Do I Start?.

Until next time,

Happy teaching and learning!

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